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Mobile telephone operator LAP GreeN, saved from a forced merger with Comium and Café Mobile, announced an upcoming investment of approximately USD 150 million to recapture the Ivorian telecom market. According to an internal source, quoted by website Connection Ivoirienne, the funds will be used to, among other things, improve its national network coverage from 42% to 75% in 2016.

0109-31922-cote-d-ivoire-lap-green-announces-about-usd-150-million-of-investment-to-reconquer-telecom-market_LLAP GreeN owes the Ivorian state FCfa 8.89 billion, representing various non-payments including tax charges. This debt will be settled by the Société Postale de Télécommunications et d’Informatique de Libye (LPTIC) under whose authority the telecom operator has been placed, on order of the new Libyan authorities who wish to keep the telecom assets in sub-Saharan.

With 23 million consumers, the Ivorian telecom market should experience stiffer competition by next year. The re-entry of LAP GreeN on the market, against Orange, MTN and Etisalat is good news for the consumers who are foreseeing a new drop in prices.

Comium could also make its comeback and further heat the competition on the market. The company is apparently still in discussion with Nigerian Globalcom for a buyout.

Source : Ecofin Agency

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